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Illustration of a diverse group of young people standing in front of a wall with a mural of large colorful letters which reads: 'We Are in This Together'. The subtitle reads: 'What to say to someone with depression can change everything. #find your words. lets talk co.org'

How are you?

Offering support and asking for help are more important than ever. And if you or someone you know is struggling, please reach out now.

It’s okay to not be okay.

Depression and anxiety are a normal response to stress. Use our self-check tool to see how you’re feeling and what you can do to feel better.

Presence of Mind increases mental health awareness and ways to prioritize your well-being. Learn more via our three interactive videos.

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‘We’re in this Together’ by Mike Fudge. Original mural location in 427 E. Colorado Ave., Colorado Springs, CO. 2018

Depression Awareness & Help

Feeling depressed?

If you think you may be depressed, our self assessment tool can help you find the words to talk to your doctor.

Take the assessment

How to talk about depression

It can be hard to talk about how depression feels – and it’s different for everyone – but talking with someone you trust is an important step in feeling better.

How to help with thoughts of suicide

If you think someone you know might be considering suicide, don’t wait – talk to them about it now. It can help save their life.

Spread the message

You can help end the silence around mental health. Show your community it’s okay to speak up with our videos, stories, artwork and more.

‘Out of the Shade’ by Blaine Fontana. Original mural location in 412 S.W. 2nd Ave., Portland, OR. 2016 – 2017

out of the shade

Let's talk about it

Words of encouragement can really make a difference. Be inspired by stories from people with lived experience of mental health conditions and messages from people who love and support them. Find more ways to share your words in our Support Center.

  • Let’s talk to one another

    Some people may take mental health for granted or put it aside, but mental health is something serious and we should talk to one another and make sure we are all ok.

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  • Have the conversation

    If you think someone is struggling with feelings of depression, talk to them now. It can make a difference.

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  • Be there for your kids

    We know talking to children about mental health can be hard. Check out our tips to help make it easier.

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  • Keep checking in

    All it takes is a text or phone call. Let your friends and family lean on you.

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Mental health matters, and we should talk about it — just like we talk about physical health.

Find Your Words is designed to make it easier to open up about mental health and empower more people to ask for help, take action to help themselves, and support others.

As one of the nation’s leading health care providers and nonprofit health plans, Kaiser Permanente understands the connection between mental and physical health, and the importance of caring for the whole person.

Now more than ever, we all need support to stay balanced, build resilience, and feel mentally and emotionally strong — whether it’s clinical care, social support, or simply practicing self-care.

Together, we can create a culture of acceptance and support — and help end stigma for good.

Learn more about mental health and wellness at Kaiser Permanente