Mental health care starts with hope Mental health care starts with hope

Mental health conditions are common and treatable — and some are even preventable. With appropriate care and resources, many people can and do recover. If you have or know someone with mental health concerns, remember you’re not alone, and that there’s help.

Help someone with depression

Sometimes there really are no signs. But when there are, it’s important to know how to recognize them, take them seriously, and be willing to ask the tough questions.

Learn about resilience

Dealing with life’s challenges isn’t always easy. But if you learn how to manage your stress and prioritize your mental health, you can build the resilience you need to cope.

Find support for yourself

If you’re experiencing depression, or think you’re depressed but aren’t sure, you don’t have to deal with it on your own. There are people who care, and resources that can help.

Childhood mental health

It’s never too early to help children care for their emotional well-being. Follow the three pillars — take care, talk often, act early — and always remember to offer hope.

Help us fight stigma, raise awareness, and spread hope

Talking about mental health can be hard. It’s time to make it easier — and empower more people to ask for help, take action to help themselves, and support others.

Mental health matters, and we should talk about it — just like we talk about physical health. Not everyone has experienced a mental health challenge, but most people know someone who has. And we all need support to stay balanced, build resilience, and feel mentally and emotionally strong — whether it’s clinical care, social support, or simply practicing self-care.

As one of the nation’s leading health care providers and nonprofit health plans, Kaiser Permanente understands the connection between mental and physical health, and the importance of caring for the whole person. We also know that many people stay silent — and don’t get help — because they’re afraid of being judged. It’s time to change that.

Find Your Words is designed to help individuals talk about mental health without fear and judgement, ask for help if they need it, and help others when they can. Together, we can create a culture of acceptance and support — and help end stigma for good.

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Real stories of hope and support

Hear real conversations between people living with mental health conditions and the loved ones who support them. We partnered with StoryCorps. external page to capture their stories —you may see yourself or someone you care about reflected in their words.

Francine and Richard

What does it feel like to have cyclical depression? Hear about Francine’s ongoing struggle as she shares her story with her good friend Richard.

Judy and Anthony

Anthony talks with his mom, Judy, about his journey with schizoaffective disorder. Hear about how he’s managing his symptoms, his triumph over drug and alcohol abuse, and more as he continues getting better.

Leo and Marc

At only 16, Leo has come a long way in dealing with his depression. Listen as he talks with his dad, Marc, about the need to treat the stigma around depression — not just the condition itself.

Beth and Shawn

Listen to Beth talk with her boyfriend, Shawn, about how she came to understand and find the right treatment for her depression.

Bertha and Marisol

Bertha talks with her friend Marisol about the death of her mother and how it influenced her to help other people with depression.