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Help for depression

Depression is different for everyone, and so is treatment. What works for one person might not work for another — and you might need to try a few things before you figure out what works for you. That’s totally normal — and you can get help finding the right support.

How is depression treated?

There are many kinds of treatment — these are just a few of the most common ones. If you think you might be depressed, talk about it with your doctor or someone else you trust.

  • Individual therapy can help you explore and understand your thoughts, feelings, and behaviors, build coping skills, and learn how to manage your depression in healthy ways.
  • Group therapy has the same goals and benefits as individual therapy. And many people find connecting with other people who are experiencing depression to be extremely powerful.
  • Medications like antidepressants and mood stabilizers can’t cure depression, but they do help some people manage their symptoms. Taking medication is a personal choice you make with your doctor.
  • Peer-to-peer support groups like NAMI Connection provide safe, confidential spaces for people to learn, share, and grow together. They also foster a sense of community and connection — which can help remind people living with depression that they’re not alone.
  • Healthy lifestyle changes like eating healthier and exercising more can help some people find relief from mild to moderate symptoms of depression.

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