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Get in the Game

The Presence of Mind interactive video series provides the tools to manage your mental health and well-being and support your friends when they need it most.

  • Part 1
    Presence of Mind:

    Mental Health Matters

    By making your mental well-being a priority, you’ll see a positive impact on your life.

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  • Part 2
    Presence of Mind:

    Helping Others

    Talking openly about mental health and wellness with others can make a big difference.

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  • Part 3
    Presence of Mind:

    When to Get Expert Help

    It’s important to know the signs for when someone’s situation might need expert help.

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Press Play on Mental Health

  • One conversation can change a life

    It can be hard to share your struggles, but it’s important for your mental health to start the conversation.

  • Don’t give up

    If you’re having a hard time, it’s ok to reach out and talk about it.

  • We all need support

    We can all use support right now. Let’s be there for each other.