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Go behind the scenes to see how these uplifting and encouraging murals came to life in Portland and Denver.

  • Mural with turquoise background and the words Out of the Shade in a yellow, black and red cursive typeface. The text is superimposed over colorful images of leaves, clouds and feathers and has a yellow and black bird emerging into the foreground of the letters.

    Out of the shade

    As a survivor of depression, artist Blaine Fontana created this mural to bring a message of hope to Portland, OR.

  • Mural on two sides of a building, with the words I Gave Myself Time in huge all caps white letters arising out of white and gray clouds and then morphing into a colorful abstract pattern with swirls, concentric circles, petals and other shapes that rises up to the roof of the building.

    I gave myself time

    Artist duo Rather Severe braved the winter weather of Portland, OR to paint a massive mural that fights the stigma of depression.

  • Freestanding mural in front of a cityscape. The mural features three rectangular speech bubbles with all caps text You Matter, You Are Brave and You Are Enough in them, over a geometric background of intersecting concentric triangles in shades of orange, green, blue and burgundy.

    You matter, you are brave, you are enough

    Artists Pat Milbery, Jason Graves, and volunteers brought encouragement to Denver, CO.

  • White mural on a brick wall with the words We Are in This Together, in large all caps letters. The letters are filled with a turquoise and black swirl pattern with pink cubes and other shapes. The subtitle reads: 'What to say to someone with depression can change everything. # find your words. lets talk co . org

    We are in this together

    Colorado Springs artist Mike Fudge painted this bright mural to lift spirits and offer support to those who are struggling.