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Real stories

Talking about how you’re feeling always helps. Watch these videos to see how others open up about their struggles with their loved ones.

  • Finding the right treatment

    Listen to Beth talk with her boyfriend, Shawn, about how she came to understand and find the right treatment for her depression.

  • A lifelong struggle

    What does it feel like to have cyclical depression? Hear Francine share her ongoing struggle with her good friend Richard.

  • Living with schizoaffective disorder

    Anthony talks with his mom, Judy, about his journey with schizoaffective disorder. Hear how he’s managing his symptoms.

  • Overcoming the stigma of depression

    At only 16, Leo has come a long way in dealing with his depression. Listen as he talks with his dad, Marc, about the need to treat the stigma around depression.

  • Making an impact

    Listen to Bertha speak to her friend Marisol about her mother’s death, and see how it influenced her to help others who struggle with depression.