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Presence of Mind:
Healthy Gaming vs. Gaming Overload

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Learn what healthy gaming looks like, signs your gaming maybe an issue, and find out how you can support yourself and others with meaningful tools to manage gaming overload.

This short interactive video will help you understand these questions:

  • What are the good things about being a gamer?
  • Why are games so appealing?
  • How can you tell if your gaming is becoming an issue?
  • What can you do if you’re worried about the gaming habits of your friend – or your own?

In Part 5 of our Presence of Mind series you’ll learn that the number of hours you game doesn’t mean you have a problem – a problem is when you cannot stop gaming and participate in real life. Don’t let others judge your gaming. Enjoy it! But be careful. You will hear personal stories about all of the exciting aspects of gaming and stories that will help you be aware of the potential harm it can cause.


Be sure to check out the entire Presence of Mind interactive video series. The more you learn, the better you’ll be at finding your words.

Be sure to check out the complete interactive video series!

1. Mental Health Matters

By making your mental wellbeing a priority, you’ll see a positive impact on your life.

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2. Helping Others

Talking openly about mental health and wellness with others can make a big difference.

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When to get expert help

3. When to Get Expert Help

It’s important to know the signs for when someone needs expert help.

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4. Understanding Addiction

Addiction is a health condition that can be treated, so it’s important to speak up if you or someone you know needs support.

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5. Healthy Gaming vs. Gaming Overload

Understand the difference between healthy gaming and gaming overload to support your total health.

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